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90-Second Tennis Cash Betting System was designed and developed to produce remarkable consistent profits year after year. You only need less than two minutes to place your money where your mouth is. All that matters are the odds and not the players.

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This review will dissect everything you need to know about 90-Second Tennis Cash Betting System and answer the question. Can you actually make $48,127 monthly income monthly income or slightly above $1604 per day just by betting? It’s hard to believe, right? Or is it not? The first time you think that this is hard. Consider this counterintuitive fact;

  • A man vending popcorns in the streets of New York may work 10 times harder than a banker for only 1% of their pay.

So what the heck is this “magical” system?

90-Second Tennis Cash Betting System was designed and developed by Chris Campbell after many failed strategies to become an internet millionaire. He started with a small tribe of subscribers who would tip him to help them select the best picks.

As the number astronomically expanded, he decided it was enough and decided to go full throttle. He developed a tennis tipping system that produces t remarkable consistent profits year after year. After emailing the tips to his small group of happy subscriber, the feedback of the success rate was nothing short of ecstasy.

Simplicity is the core of the system. You only need less than two minutes to place your money where your mouth is. Most betting systems require you go through a ton of data and statistics in order to compute your chances. That’s where the uniqueness of his system comes in.

As opposed to the mainstream churning of data, you only need to keep 2 paramount factors in mind.

The player you are placing your bet on doesn’t matter. Whether they are the number one in ranking or last. All that matters are the odds.

How simple is this system and how does it work?

Depending on the number of matches being played on the day, all the games are displayed on a table which appears like the one below.

Don’t fret if you aren’t good in numbers!

For those of you who have a phobia for numbers, sit and relax. The odds are the ones displayed in different formats. Basically, they are in decimal, fraction, and American. They are not in any way meant to scare you. Essentially, they are meant to accommodate the Europeans bettors who prefer the Decimal format, UK bettors who would rather use the Fraction format and the American audience which prefer American.

Important to note though, no one is locked out from using any of the three irrespective of their location, it just meant to breathe a dose of versatility into the system.

How will you access the schedule?

Good question. The future belongs to the curious!

The schedule is available on a daily basis on the website. Irrespective of the season, the system has a virtually wide reach of daily and tournaments which translates into dozens of matches.

Why choose 90-Second Tennis Cash-Betting System?

There are many reasons as to why you should this System but it all boils to…

1. Cash Cow Betting Strategy

The greater is the gap between the favorite and the outsider…the higher your strike rate will be! By using this simple principle your betting strategy is as coherent as it can get. Irrespective of the amount of money you have in your betting bank, you should treat it a Limited Liability Company.

Ideally, it is wise to use approximately 5% of the amount in the betting bank for each single bet, continues to hold on to this strategy until you are happy with the profits you generate.

After a consistent month, you can start withdrawing your money at monthly interval.

2. Money back guarantee

The site will give you betting nuggets that will on average give you about 800-1100 bets annually with a profit margin of approximately $(28 – 45K) per year. This, however, depends on how often you place your bets. The more you bet, the better the return on your investment.

Are there people who have made it using the 90-Second Tennis Cash Betting System?

Absolutely yes! A successful person would never fear to flaunt their success. Only a loser would. If the table below is anything to go by, then you have your raccoon.

Going with the above statistics, the company has been able to accumulate a total yield of $345,935 for the past 9 years. That is equal to $3,203.10 per month!  A total win, win situation right?

A closer look at the statistics reveals even better results. Taking a more conservative approach, you can double your chances of your winning to approximately $6,406.20. Starting with a betting bank balance of around $300 per month, you will smile all the way to the bank expecting a bloated bank balance.

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How to make most out of 90-Second Tennis Cash Betting System

1. First of all, Avoid the early rounds

Through experience, early matches in any tournament have been shown to give disappointing results. This emanates from the lack of articulate performance by the players as they seem to be ‘testing the waters’ hence they don’t give it 100%. The 90-Second Tennis Cash Betting System is devised circumvent such games so that you don’t lose time and money on such round matches.

However, on the second round, you should be on the offensive. Keenly placing your bets on second round gives you a window to make a kill as they have a bigger spread.

Betting on the third and final matches mostly turns out to be the magic bullet; this is where the bulk of the bacon lies.

2. Hunt for Better Dividends

Everyone constantly has a plan until they get punched straight in the mouth. Don’t allow this to be you. The journeys of many miles start with baby steps. Slowly accumulating your small differences could be the determining factor at the end of the year. Hunting the small dividends leads to a lump sum payout at the end of it all.

Using the reputable bookmaker and sticking to it is definitely a small step in the right direction.

Even a small gain in your betting dividend can make a monumental difference at the end of the year. For this reason, it is highly suggested that you persistently pursue the best dividend. However, if you are just starting out, don’t be too fussed about hunting around for the unsurpassed dividends. Use a fairly large and sound bookmaker and stick to it.

3. Use the large bookmarker

Most large bookmarkers have a large volume of bets. By betting using them, you ensure stability and accuracy of your bet to a certain degree. However, large bookmarkers that do not conform to the 2 principles talked about earlier BUT some other bookmaker has a bet as ‘qualified’ should be left alone.

If the spotted ‘large and stable’ bookmaker has a competent bet but the actual bet isn’t eligible at other bookmakers – go ahead with the bet.

4. Control your strike rate

Sometimes stiffness can cost you. If the stakes aren’t dancing to your tune, you can temporarily modify rule 2 by betting only-AND ONLY- when the variance between the winner and the outsider is between $0.80 or $0.90 or more.

Keep repeating the same until you realize a sort of stability and then revert back to back to the $0.50 gap rule.

Timing the placement of your bets

It’s always wise to place your bets early in the morning, forget6 about the, and go ahead with the rest of your day.

The in-between-the –day-fluctuations in the dividends should be the least of your worries. In tennis, the fluctuations aren’t that much and have a tendency of being consistent on most of the sound bookmakers.

Familiarize with the different ways dividends are displayed

Mostly, the dividends are prevalently displayed in decimal odds. For newbies that aren’t familiar with sports betting, both the website and other sites on the internet can help you decode all that.

Hone the currency differences

The system normally uses the dollar sign ($) to represent monetary value. For the markets in places like UK, USA, NZ, Australia, and S Africa the same rule applies. For other countries, the decimal rule applies (Rule one: 1.45 & Rule two: 0.50 spread)

Doubles, men or women matches

The stats are based on single matches only, NOT doubles

Identify the favorite player and the outsider

The player with the lower dividend is the favorite player for obvious reasons. The outsider is the player with the higher odds.

For Example Player A $1.65, Player B $2.05. Player A is the favorite.


  • High strike rate of 80% chances of winning
  • Only takes 90 seconds to spot the winner of any match
  • Uses 2 principles to pick the winners
  • Real time system
  • Easy to find schedules for all the matches
  • Downloadable Free E-book


It’s hard to pinpoint any cons in the 90-Second Tennis Cash Betting System.

How can you get hold of the 90-Second Tennis Cash Betting System?

There are two main options

Option 1:

Through joining the lifetime membership.

This package offers endless possibilities like;

  • Instant access to the system that gives you a summarized tennis results over the last 9 years
  • Statistics of the total bets placed on each year
  • The total win and total losses over the years
  • Profit Summary

You can straight away access all this information and literally start making your profitable bets within minutes for a one-time venture fee.

Option 2:

This package comes in the form of a 756-page (A4 size) OFFLINE manual.

It contains

  • Tennis results over the last 9 years
  • Unaltered photocopies of the paper spreadsheet Chris Campbell used to fill on a daily basis
  • Delivery of the manual to your door within 21 days

All for a one-time investment although you have to cater for the postage fee.

On the other hand, you could also be a proud winner of the daily draw where the winner is awarded a free manual and the privileges that come with it if you subscribe to the website.

Irrespective of the package that you choose, the overall impact and results are exactly the same. Either way, you’re not purchasing just a membership or manual. These are packages with endless possibilities. you will be investing in is 9 years of the systems Chris’  blood, sweat, and tears…lots of sleepless nights and his relentless effort to create a simple but highly profitable money making system – that works!

In conclusion

If you are still asking the same question, Can you actually make $48,127 monthly income monthly income or slightly above $1604 per day just by betting? The answer is definitely yes! 90-Second Tennis Cash Betting System is a great opportunity to make money without leaving the confines of your house.  The best thing about this system is that it gives you the freedom to earn a lump sum of money that is entirely tax-free. You will enjoy keeping the entire amount of money without having to worry about the government dipping its snout in your trough. That’s gratifying, right?

Most noteworthy, once you purchase the 90-Second Tennis Cash Betting System,  you are rewarded with a  free e-book which can be downloaded in a PDF format so that you can read it during your free time. Inside the e-book, you will get to learn how to tug the strings on how to place bets and picking tennis selections. Sit and worry less about training. The system will give you cash cow that will allow you to cast a spell on poverty. What are you waiting for?

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