Oldest System On The Planet Review: Can You Pick Races Like A Pro Yet?

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Oldest System On The Planet is an e-book by Mike Lane, a veteran betting expert, who gives clear and straight forward strategies about making money by betting on horse racing. The e-book Is suitable for newbies as well as betting gurus. It tries to make the whole process of betting, scientific and more goal oriented.

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Betting, an intense nail-biting activity that has been making people thrived since the early ages. Even in the days of gladiators, we can see the presence of betting.

People at times think that betting is all about luck-  you just put your money on a side and hope for the best.

But in a real scenario, the situation is exactly the opposite! If you are a professional horse racing fan, you would understand what I am trying to say.

Mike Lane has taken it to a completely new level. He has created a scientific manuscript that will make you pick the races like a professional. Say goodbye to those days when you had to depend on your luck for some race wins.

So, Let me tell you a big secret, betting is not about luck at all. If you go through the Oldest System on the Planet, you would learn the sorcery behind betting on horses and horse racing. So, today in this review I’ll be telling you more about the system.

What is the Oldest System on the Planet? – The Black Book

The obvious question that is sure to come to one’s mind. This could be said the ultimate black book written by veteran horseplayer who is in the game for more than 37 years.

So, what? There a number of books and even more number of betting legend. What makes it so special? Grab a mug of coffee, I am going to tell an inspiring story.

Mike Lane, the author of was just another nobody who tried everything to win races, just like you and me! I think you know pretty well how mad we can get when the race does not end as we anticipated. Horse racing is a big money, Mike knew it pretty well. But he thought that he did not have the golden “Luck”. Races after races he had to lose. He got dishearten.

But he is someone who just can’t accept failures. He started his research, he just had to come up with an idea. For almost two and a half years, he researched everything – how to pick good horses, the patterns, the statistics, everything!

Make money by horse betting with Oldest System On The Planet

But, “Luck” was still not satisfied. Mike was still losing. He describes these losses as “sad memories”. A friend of his father at that point gave him something different – a book. A book that didn’t have any title. It was a worn out and the pages turned yellow with age. Mike got really interested, the book was different from any modern age betting guides. The instructions were clear and easy.

Within seconds, he realized, this was the black book. Now, he had the knowledge, the knowledge to win!

The book had explained every detail about picking the horses and suggested a unique strategy. Once Mike started following the strategy, something called miracle happened!

The “Oldest System on the Planet” is a combination of the knowledge of the old book and the 37-years-long experience Mike had with horse racing. It could be the ultimate secret recipe that can turn your luck today!

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Is This Book for You?

This book has a number of features. How could you be sure that the book is written for you? I am going to ask you some questions. If your answers are yes to these questions, this book is definitely for you. So, let’s get started-

  • Have you purchased tip sheets after tip sheets but have not gained any success?
  • Got lucky with one race but struggling after that for a long time?
  • Have you spent thousands of dollars on horse racing tutorials – still come home empty-handed?
  • Got depressed finding out the strategy to win?

If you have answered – yes, at least once, then this e-book is a must buy for you. You will be hooked within minutes after some of the pages. I am ready to place a bet on that!

The Features that Make It Irresistible

The Ultimate Tie Breaker

One of the inevitable problems that we face when we start horse racing is “The Tie”. It is quite a common scenario when two or more giants are racing together. What would you have to do?

Just place a small number of bets on all the probable winners. In this way, you would have a higher probability of making the correct decision. Yes, you have to plan like a true businessman and the ultimate target is to win money, I repeat, WIN MONEY!

Once you go through the whole book, you would get a better and deep analysis of the process.

Identify the Twists

Horse racing is a mystic game in nature. The game will not tell when within moments spur what may happen. It is a true game of unpredictability. So, Mike has made a proper way to identify the twists. This technique will make you a true horse racing betting champion. Why fit in when you can stand out like a true champion?

Also, the book will give you a special insight about Profit Parlay Method. The Profit Parlay Method has a very strong connection with identifying the twists at every turn of horse racing.

Calculate Past Performances Like A Pro!

When it comes to betting, past performance is a metric that cannot be overlooked. And what you are doing is pure simple betting, the betting that has been going on since the very early ages of civilization. And the book gives you great secrets that would help you to look at the parameter of past performance.

Remember, Past Performance does not only mean winning records. That is the first thing and every single person out there knows it. If you want to become a pro, you have to know the deeper ones, ones that matter. Ones that will make you a winner.

Manage Your Money: This is Not Gambling

We are human. Greed lurks us all. But one of the most important lessons that this e-book will give is know how to play like a player, not a mad drunk gambler. This technique will make you a businessman who can make MONEY! Remember it is a science. This would change your point of view about horse racing, that I am sure of.

Horse racing Sites That makes Bucks

One of the questions that every newcomer has – Which sites should I look for? There are tons of websites about horse racing, but which websites are legit and which website are pure scams? This book will give you the answer. They have a complete list of the websites that you should look for if you are a newcomer.

It’s Time to Learn Quick

The book tries to give you all the secrets within a very short time. But believe me, every word is a gem. When I started reading, I was not quite sure of it. But when I finished just a few lines, I knew this was it. The best thing that I found, the book gives all the idea within a very short time.

Suitable for All

The book is designed to meet the needs of all kinds of people. You could be a simple newcomer who is trying to take a shot at betting on horse racing. You could learn all the essential fundamentals quickly. Even you could be a veteran betting person, you could harness your knowledge with the technical contents. The book can serve your all kinds of knowledge. So, guys, don’t waste your time, just the e-book.

Simplicity at its Best

The most appealing thing about the system is it is clean and neat. There are just simple instructions about what to do and what not. There are no extra or excess words that would simply bore you. When you are reading the book try to be attentive to every word. They are simple and they are meant to be simple. Remember, it is the oldest system on the planet!


If you ask me, I would definitely buy the book. Why? It is simple and makes me aware of the world of horse racing. Also, It will make me stay updated with the horse racing with the oldest techniques. It will help every person who is crying for help about starting betting on horse racing.

The world of horse racing is not what it was just fifty years ago. People sometimes think that it is some kind mafia business and it includes crime and gunshot at every turn. Apparently, it is not. It is a sophisticated modern way of earning. And you could win yourself a fortune if you stick to a scientific technique. The countless reviews justify that.

Change your horse betting system with Oldest System On The Planet

There is also a rumor about the product if this product a scam or not. Trust me, the book gives you the system and all the things that they promise. There are a number of testimonials from the real users and the website is flourishing with good comments. You just call a system a scam if it has this much positive reviews.

They advise friends, this book is worth every penny. What are you waiting for? Grab yourself a copy and start betting like a pro!

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