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One Bet Method is a high-value consultation given to both new and experienced punters. It is run by Richard Taylor, an experienced bettor and betting investment consultant. Through his expansive knowledge, inside information and instincts, he helps potential punters to bet successfully. This method saves the time of his client and his sound advice maximize their chance of making a considerable profit.

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Ahoy punters!

If you love profit as much as the next person, then this review is just for you.

We all crave for a bountiful future, don’t we?

We want big houses, swanky automobiles, the latest gadgets, business class tickets, travel to exotic places and stay at an exclusive property while we are there!

I know you’re dreaming the same. But how close have you come to fulfilling that? And can assure that you will keep fulfilling your dreams every year?

Yes, all dreams need a little work!

Turn on your money making dreams

While we all slave in our tiny cubicles or take high tension responsibilities in our corner offices to build our little nest of savings – we forget that we have to fruitfully invest it so that it grows in size.

So that when the time comes, we can live out our dreams.

The dwindling economy of today will have us believe in banks and small investments. But the returns are painfully slow and depend to a great extent on the mood of the market as a whole.

Growing savings

So what if I say that you take out a little money from those savings of yours and do an unusual investment? Like betting it on a horse race?

You can always say that gambling is risky. (Then so is life. You can get hit by a car or a virus at any time. But then do we stop living life? No, right?)

Here, I will in you on a little secret.

If we say that with a little intervention of a certain someone there is a way to cover that risk to some degree, will you be interested to hear about it?

Can’t hold your horses anymore? Read the review to find out more.

Little background:

Horse racing betting has historically been part of our culture for a long time. And well gambling grew around it when people saw how easy and profitable it is to grow your wealth. Today, bookmaking is replete with techniques and scientific study. So, besides luck, you can keep a tab on these factors that go on to create the next favorite on the racing track!

Wondering how’s that even possible?

horse racing jockey

Richard Taylor aka ‘reliable’ Rich does exactly that!

‘Reliable’ Rich considers himself and his treasure trove of betting knowledge to be an exclusive product worth investing in. He has segregated important factors that determine how the race might pace out.

Richard Taylor

With his calculated study spanning four years of active consultation, inside information and gut instinct, he assures that he will be able to guide you to your next winning! And we all know what that means?!?

Of course, you have to be a little realistic where a beast and a little luck is concerned. But he has complete confidence that he can show you money if you trust his abilities absolutely.

Isn’t that great? Now, you don’t have to take all of the risks by yourself.

About One Bet Method

risk vs Reward

The consultation style of Richard revolves around a simple principle: Risk v/s Reward!

He offers his advice for all kinds of betting concerned with every kind of horse racing. He bets to win, bets to place, bets each way, to ‘lay’, as a double and even as a forecast. So whatever your style of betting, you can expect him to offer sound consultation on the same.

His expertise covers all races too – Jumps, All Weather, Flat, Festivals and even Irish racing.

One Bet Method works in the easiest and smoothest way. Basically, he sends out his advice at 8 pm every night before the next day races are about to commence.

But sometimes, due to the late hour of prediction or inside information coming at the last minute which might change the race outcome, you may receive a second mail at 11 am in your inbox on the day of racing.

In those cases, he precedes the second mail with a notice of its impending arrival – so that you’re ready to act it out the second you receive it. This method assures you that your consultant is there until the very moment of the beginning of the races. And this sort of communication also curbs any last moment panicked decisions.

His knowledge distribution style reminds me of a well-oiled clock. The early hour of advice gives him an edge over the bookies and other punters. Before you sway to the general favorite and end up backing a wrong horse, Richard says to take advantage of the higher odds.

odd one out

Left at your own measure, you will make as many bets as possible in a day. This increases the risk considerably. More so, when you don’t have sound knowledge to fall back on!

But with this betting investment consultation method, you can make a maximum of five bets per day. His mantra is to maximize your return with the least risk taken!

How do One Bet Method works?

This consultation is practiced in the simplest manner where effective and clear communication is the key!

  1. An email each evening at 8 pm – It will inform you whether or not you will at all participate in the betting the next day. Sometimes, Richard’s intel is delayed or fractured or he doesn’t feel confident betting. This email also informs you duly whether or not to expect the second mail the next day! Sometimes, the tide might twist at the last moment and some opportunity might open up – so you have been covered both ways.
  2. 1-5 level stake bets per day – Now if you are in for the betting the next day, you will be informed in the mail about all the 1-5 listed bets and their respective details. Each will contain the time, course, horse(s) and type of bet you will be placing.
  3. Winning and losing days – You are in it to gain in the long term and patience pays. So, taking losses on a positive stride will make the run fruitful. You will NOT win every day and you have to stomach the fact.

The bets are so reasonably divided and logically placed that the summation of all your chances will spell success for you.

How big is the take-back?

Growing money

You will make over four times the total earning that you will start your year with!

And he has put up his last performances upfront for your scrutiny. With that, you can calculate and decide your reward if you decide to stick by him.

Here are the profit figures for the years ending 2014 through 2017:

2014: +226.38pts
2015: +301.75pts
2016: +287.11pts
2017: +269.36pts

If you calculate the above and take an average of four years, that’s four times of investment already!

Even in 2014, one of the worst year from his above track record, with a £10 per point and with a £500 starting bank, you would have made a £2,263.80 profit. It’s that simple!

He is honest and upfront with his outcome and constantly improving the chances of his members to increase their profit.

The greatest point is that you don’t have to hand him over your money. He will not run away with your savings. He will just charge you his consultation fees.

So double your bank without any fear of any bookie backlash.

Can’t wait to test your luck? You can buy his services today!


Since the communication is internet-centric, that means you will have to have a device that can access the internet and an email account to receive all the information in.

Punters who suck at internet might find this situation bit of a challenge. But I would say, now that the opportunity has come, upgrade and amp up!

Another point is winnings can always sweep us off our feet easily. But then the loss doesn’t plant us back to it but throw us off into utter depression. So we have to keep ourselves completely real here!

That said and done, Richard insists that his method is not foolproof. It does improve your chances of winning significantly but cannot guarantee success with every bet. If it was so then trusted me he wouldn’t even have shared his knowledge with you.

Final Opinion

Coach shows the way

We are not born with the knowledge of maths or physics or any language. We acquire it through our education and training. But our ultimate result depends on how we are applying it. And is there a mentor to show us the right way?

I would say that both rookies and professional bettors can better their chances with Richard’s consultation. We don’t have time at our disposal that we can do all our researches online ourselves. That’s why if there’s a consolidator, then it is a mighty help!

The initial investment is really low and if not satisfied with his knowledge and suggestions, you can terminate the contract at any given time. So that keeps you on an even keel.

So, if you want to take betting to the next level of research and science with proper knowledge and calculated risk, then Richard Taylor is your BEST BET. It will be highly advisable that you buy One Bet Method today!

When the twilight of your life touches you, be sure that you are prepared to make the most of it.

success accomplishment

Save tons of time, and make big profits at the same time – click here to start using the One Bet Method every single weekend for consistent winnings!


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