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Racing Income Pro is horse betting service that provides tips to its users. Its author, Frank Pickard, spent more than 30 years in equestrian business. During that period he gathered a lot of experience and information that have a direct impact on horse races, from horses to their owners. If you are looking for a passive and stable income, and if you bet or are thinking about betting, then Racing Income Pro is a way to go.

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Contrary to popular belief, safe and consistent betting does exist. Naturally, betting houses and bookies wouldn’t exist if everyone made money from betting. That’s a fact.

However, there are people who understand betting better than the general population. Whether they use some systems, inside knowledge or just general betting experience, they make a lot of money from betting.

So what it is that differs those money-making skilled individuals (maybe even professionals) from those who lose money?

Systems and tricksters

Some of those professionals look at the betting world through mathematics. They look for numbers, patterns and develop systems or formulas. Whilst I don’t deny that these systems indeed work, they are usually very complex. There probably are some systems that are beginner friendly, but those are very hard to find.

Now I’m a practical man. I believe in experience, knowledge, and information of a man who knows his business. I’m talking about the insiders. Think of Wall Street for a moment.

When you don’t know whether or not you should sell your stocks for some company, or buy more stocks, you want to know everything you can about that company. And where do you seek that information? Naturally, you seek it within that company. You talk to everyone, from janitors to CEO because you want to know everything.

So why I’m telling all this? Well, sports operate in a very similar fashion. If you want to know bet on a team or a horse, you look for a guy who knows the business. Someone who knows the players, the equerries, or physios and coaches. You talk to people who know how the system operates, how do players breed or is the horse you are betting on getting the best possible care he could get.

Wouldn’t it be great to know someone like that?

But what if you can?

Peter Wright certainly wished for that kind of person, and his wish was granted. He was your average John Doe, working a dead end job stacking shelves at the hardware store. Of course, the wage was minimum, just high enough to cover the basic expenses of living.

So, he got tired of it and started looking for something new. Affiliate marketing, network marketing, blogging, making Youtube videos, even writing Ebooks… He experimented with all these things but wasn’t able to make any money off them.

And just when he was ready to accept the fact that he is going to spend the rest of his life as a shelf stacker, he discovered a forum where people discussed “how to make passive income from betting”. Specifically, they discussed various tipster services.

He and his wife had a baby on the way, which was probably the main reason why he decided to try these services. And while most of them were very bad, one particular service caught his attention: Racing Income Pro.

The man behind the scenes

Racing Income Pro

The tipster that changed Peter’s life is Frank Pickard. He has been working in the equestrian business for over 30 years, and 30 years in any business means a lot. He knows all the riders and their horses, how are they treated, who are their owners, and who are the owners of those owners!

Over the past 2 years, Frank has been leaking those “inside information” to people who are interested in earning a passive income from horse betting.

Allow me to summarize how this system works.

  1. You apply for the system, sign up for tips, and wait for the next day
  2. Each morning, you will receive an email containing tips for that day.
  3. Place the bets accordingly and wait for the results
  4. After you win, just collect the money.

Pretty simple, right? Well, the system was designed to be very simple. After all, Frank is the one doing all the hard work. Actually, you can’t even call it hard work.

He loves his job and is very good at it. Furthermore, “leaking” insider information is not illegal and does not violate any laws. Why? Because every tip he suggests is just a matter of his opinion. And just because he is right approximately 70% times, that makes his opinion very valuable and credible, not unlawful or unethical.

If I were in his shoes, I would do exactly the same. Why wouldn’t I share that information with my family, friends, relatives or anyone online? They should all get the taste of the action, and they should all make money.

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What if I’m a total beginner in the betting world?

As I’ve already mentioned in this review, this system is designed to be as simple as possible. And because anyone can use it, anyone can make money using this system.

  • You don’t have to be a betting expert to use this service. That is, you don’t have to spend days or even months figuring out how the betting actually works. However, spending a few hours would be recommendable, at least for the educational purposes
  • Furthermore, no technical expertise is required.
  • No downloadable betting software. This relates to the above-mentioned bullet point. Because this system doesn’t use some form of a mathematical system or computer software, it is very easy and understandable
  • Lastly, no stress. Trying to pick your bets or thinking of them can indeed be very stressful. This way, you let the expert do it for you.

This system is suitable for both beginners and experienced punters. Every morning you will receive the tips via email. Once you see the tips, just visit any betting site (such as Bet365 or Paddy Power) and place your bets accordingly.

Most betting websites are easy to use and you will find your way very quickly.

Passive income with Racing Income Pro

racing income pro happy customers

A Racing Income Pro is indeed a kind of passive income. By its definition, passive income is income you receive on a regular basis with minimal to no effort. Basically, whether you sit in a bar and watch a football game or you are eating dinner with your partner, you earn money in the meantime.

And when it comes to betting tipster services, almost all reviews suggest that this is the best tipster service out there. Of course, you are free to experiment with other services.

But just as Peter says, the reason why the Racing Income Pro is the best tipster service is because of Frank. He has worked in the equestrian industry for more than 30 years! That amount of time made him an expert in this business.

And because of that experience, his tips have a 70% strike rate; even the stats are on his side.

So how do I start…making money?

If you have access to the internet, you are good to go. You can approach this service via smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer; you don’t need any additional equipment.

And when do you start making money? Well, that depends on when you sign up. If you sign up today, you will make money tomorrow.

Furthermore, this is a one-time purchase. Once you buy this service once, you won’t spend any more money on it. I know a lot of tipsters charge per tip. There are no extra fees, no secret forums, no nothing.

Why this service and not some other?

Personally, I think the best of this service is its transparency. You get the tips from someone who is familiar with both the betting world and the sports world, specifically the equestrian business. You can think of Frank as some kind of whistleblower in this industry.

Some people might think that this is unethical, but I really cannot see why they think this way. In today’s economy, where most people could get fired every day, having a second, passive income acts as an insurance policy. And providing help to those people in any way possible is benevolent, not unethical if you ask me.

He even gives a 60 days money back guarantee! That means you have 60 days to test the service and figure out whether is it good for you or not. You can certainly make money within those 60 days. And according to numerous reviews, you will make money.

This is also an opportunity for anyone who was ever interested in betting, but never had the courage to try it, and was warded off by all the complexity behind it. But now, all you need is internet access and you are pretty much good to go.

To bet or not to bet?

Of course, betting is not everyone’s cup of tea. But money is, isn’t it? I’m sure that a lot of experience punters will test this service. I’m also suggesting this service to anyone who tried everything else, from regular jobs to various side jobs and internet schemes.

Try it, and if you don’t like it, ask for your money back. And lastly, if you have any questions, you can check the bottom of the product page and look for the email.

To conclude, once you take everything I wrote into consideration, I think it is fair to say that betting with racing income pro is a safe bet!

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