Sports Trading Exposed Review: How to Make Profitable Online Bets

Sports Trading Exposed
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The Sports trading exposed program stands out from the rest because of the high level of detail. It is suitable for anyone regardless of if you are looking to make extra profit or someone just looking to begin or try out their his/her luck in trading. It is easy to learn and understand making it a guide worth buying.

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Interested in Horse Races?

Individuals have been betting on horse races right from when horses starting running. It can be a profitable and entertaining venture betting on horses if you know your way around it and are able to beat the odds.

But lots of individuals tend to get frustrated after making a few trials and losing their hard earned cash. There are a few common reasons why people lose their cash during bets, some of which we would be discussing below.

Reasons why individuals lose bets

The key reason you may be losing bets is simply:

Lack of Knowledge

Many individuals who engage in online betting just have borderline knowledge as to what they are in for. A lot of sports bettors fail to understand that they are in competition with other bettors who spend numerous amount of time carrying out detailed research, studying betting angles among others.

If you do not have adequate resources to study relating to the game of your choice or look for an individual who can teach you either by looking for a sports program, a renowned sports service among others, this may just be an issue.

What Do You Need?

If you have observed that you don’t have adequate knowledge relating to the sporting event of your choice, then what you need is a program that would provide you with adequate knowledge and techniques to aid you in online betting and making it as profitable as possible. You are in luck, as we have brought you a solution.

What is the Solution?

The Solution is quite simple, it is known as Sports Trading Exposed. But first, what exactly is it all about? Read on to find out.

Sports Trading Exposed

This is a comprehensive guide by Tomas Paul which consists of in-depth information on how to make a sustainable profit via betting exchanges. It is filled with adequate information to make any newbie to the world of betting into a fast money maker.

Although this guide is a bit pricey, you can be certain to get your cash back in no time if you follow the rules in it. Sports Trading Exposed is a program consisting of 234 pages that teach you in detail ways to make funds via trading on Betfair.

About the Author

Tomas Paul is responsible for writing this detailed guide. After earning more than £200,000 via a trading platform, he made the decision to put this guide together because he was tired of the enormous Betfair fees. The charge is a 20 percent commission on any £10,000+ earned as well as 40 – 60 percent commission on any £250,000 and above earned.

Tomas teaches patience and sensible trading and states that the guide is not a guarantee to get rich quickly. What he does is to provide you with the required tools. Its left to you to carry out the rest. He also has a part on, the psychology of trading which is very significant as well as links to communities and forums. Tomas also gives readers the chance to reach out to him via social media.

What Does This Guide Contain?

This book is divided into three categories which include: Theory, Practice & Videos.


This part does not contain any information a punter with ample experience is not already aware of, but this is because a lot of individuals do not place emphasis on the basis. Tomas speaks on how crucial a computer of high quality is as well as a betting back, latency as well as a great internet connection.

The next section places on the Trading Basics which consists information on laying and backing alongside helpful screenshots. The most crucial lesson this segment aims to reach Is that everyone should learn the appropriate moment to accept a loss and get out of a trade before it becomes disastrous. Here, the author shows screenshots and discusses the topic showing moments when he did not get the market right but was able to get out with minimal losses.

The next section focuses on the Basics of Trading which include details on backing and occasions when he got the market wrong but was able to leave with minimal losses. 


There are numerous options as regards to the software you can utilize in aiding you to trade effectively and quickly, but this guide recommends Geeks’ Toy.  Even though the guide touches numerous sports, more than half of the content is focused on horse racing trade.

The guide points out that the key to trading successfully is to carry out investments in markets with lots of liquidity because your bets are matched equally and quickly. It is also easier to leave a trade.


The learning goes on to a video section. There are 45 videos users stand to benefit from produced by the author which shows how Tomas wins and for a bettor with ample experience, this is perhaps the best segment of the book. In each video, crucial things occurring are explained by Tomas.

Methods and Strategy

Tomas believes in sensible trading, little stakes, and patience. He is of the belief that money can be earned with a betting bank for as little as £2. His strategy has to do with taking little parts of profit and building you bank gradually into something stable.

All through the guide, Tomas teaches that safety is crucial but he also makes available important information on things to look out for such as the flow of money, amount of runners in the race among others.

Other areas this section consists of include:

  • Making funds from crowd behavior
  • Swing – the act of identifying major market moves for bigger profit
  • How to get a good position in the Betfair queue
  • Understanding the weight of money
  • Making the most of spikes and corrections in the market
  • How to trade according to the number of horses in a race
  • Details on scalping

Does Sports Trading Exposed Work?

This program works as long as you follow the well laid out rules. You will get the less difficult part. This is because the tips, analysis, and pickings will be carried out for you.

Although predicting the future is not entirely possible for individuals, this guide can help. This is done using carefully analyzed results and statistics which would ensure users don’t have to play blindly anymore.

You will have a means of knowing what you are doing is not entirely wrong every time.

Additional Benefits

The following are some added benefits you stand to gain from this guide. They include:

  • Email support: You have the capacity of getting in touch with Tomas via email
  • 45 learning Videos
  • You would be provided with the capacity to chat with Tomas via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Final Words

There are a host of books available for trading on the market. But the Sports Trading Exposed guide is one of the most detailed guides available on the market. For its price, regardless of if you are a trader with ample experience in search of more profit, or a newbie looking to try out his/her chances, this is definitely worth buying.


The following are some of the benefits you stand to enjoy from this program. They include:

  • This is a program which is highly exclusive and reliable which would show you everything that would turn you into a professional winner
  • Asides from the one-time fee which would provide you with all, you are not required to make subscription fee payments on a monthly basis
  • This system would teach you ways to make funds online by betting on horse races. It is well detailed and is certain to be of help
  • Users will learn the errors that they have been making as regards betting on horse races. As a result, their winnings would be Improved and more profitable.
  • There is around the clock customer service offered by this guide. Users who have questions can send them across via email and they will be addressed immediately.
  • There is no special skill set required to utilize this program. This is because it can be operated with ease.
  • The program comes alongside a money back guarantee which lasts for 60 days. This means that if you are unsatisfied you can return the product and get a full refund.


  • You need to follow the instructions exactly how it is stated. If you make any changes, you may end up not making any progress.
  • The service is online based and this means you would require an internet connection so as to utilize it. This is a very major drawback especially if you have a weak or unstable internet connection.


Sports Trading Exposed is a guide which is well presented and doesn’t leave anything hidden. If you are patient enough to go with everything you read on this guide, you are most certainly bound to make a profit. Also, the numerous videos explaining everything Is a great addition.

Find out more about Sports Trading Exposed, and how you can use these powerful methods to generate huge profits in your sports trades!


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