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If you want to make a sound return against low-risk betting in the horse races, then The Stable Guys will come handy with their 83% strike rate. Their code is based on research analytics and decades of research and inside contacts from the racing circuit thereby making it real-time relevant. Furthermore, they assure sixty days money back guarantee in case of any product related discomfort.

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I’m writing this with a heavy heart because ‘luck’, ‘fate’ and ‘destiny’ have officially bid us farewell (at least as far as horse racing is concerned!).

Yes, there is a lot more expertise and a lot less fortune involved in betting on racehorses than any other form of gambling.

And now we stare straight into the eyes of hardcore science and analytics of horserace betting to understand how it works.

If you know that betting in a horse race is more than just picking up the winner or going by the animals’ past performances, then give me a high five!

If you know that horse race betting is quite skillful and requires a strong assessment of what will be the ROI with calculative moves, then give me a high ten!

Because then, this review is directed towards you.

Yeah, all you people who are keen on learning the science behind betting in horse races – The Stable Guys will help you to unravel the same. Because they have done that for themselves!

And people who bet because they like the horse’s name, to begin with, can kindly exit the stands!

We know sometimes luck can come in handy, but we would rather discuss skill over which we can have an absolute control.

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Good Bet Vs Bad Bet

The betting world is divided into the factors which can determine the winner of the race.

Experts who have been into horse race betting for more than two decades often say that they don’t care if they are right in picking up the winner.

They concentrate more on calculating the winning horse with the higher odds assigned to them by the public betting pool.

If you go by statistics, favorites win matches only 33.3 percent of the time. So I don’t have to point out that in 66.7 percent of the time, some other unexpected horse wins.

So mathematically speaking, if you bet on favorites in all the races of the day (which any rookie would be attracted to do because it is a no-brainer!), you would only be right in about three out of ten times.

Did you feel the punch in your gut? That’s more losses than profit here.

But this calculation is just the tip of the iceberg. There are multiple other factors that come in like the quality of the horse – its breed, pace, class, condition etc. which will help you to make a successful choice.

And apart from that the track condition, the form the trainer and the jockey is hugely decided the outcome.

As an experienced bettor quipped, “Betting horses is an intellectually rigorous activity if you take it seriously”.

And to make constant winnings over a significant period of time, you have to be at it!

There are a lot of permutation and combination that goes into determining the safest bet in the race.  Plus there are years of expert research that validates those numbers.

So if you are looking for a low-risk horse racing tipster who can assure you maximum return on your investment, then look no more. The Stable Guys here have developed a foolproof equation that will determine the right selection for your next betting.

With them, it will be your turn to savor your winnings!

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Story behind The Stable Guys

Well, they are called the stable guys because they are in a business which assures you a stable income.

Or another reason may be that out of the three individuals who masterminded the formula, two were closely connected to horseracing themselves and so ‘stable!’ (ahem).

Mickey O’ Hara nurtured the dream of following his father’s footsteps and be a jockey someday! But unfortunately, fate had something else for him.

He and his friend Perry Westfield tried to fight their own battles with life, but they always hit the dead end. So what they did after that was nothing miraculous at all, but extremely practical.

They discussed their passion, collated all their resources and created a knowledge pool. Perry interviewed Mickey’s dad, Michael O’Hara incessantly to know more about his instincts and experiences in the betting circuit.

And together these three focussed all their energy, information and contacts inside the world of horse racing and created a formula backed with sound analytics, inexhaustible research, and observation.

Like every new formula, this wasn’t developed in a day.

They toiled. It failed. They picked it up to add and subtract few things here and there. They tweaked real-life betting scenarios to make their process sounder.

Finally, after a lot of sleepless nights and overworked days, they were successful in arriving at this groundbreaking code to transform your low-risk bets into high returns.

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But does a great story prove that this program is believable?

One thing you have to agree that here one or two minds are not working – but actually three. And the best thing about the trio here is they have come up from the grounds up and have myriad of experience related to the sports and analytics!

Mickey grew up around stables, his dad Michael was an erstwhile jockey and Perry worked for an analytics company.

They have been in our shoes and had that extra zeal of putting in hours of research and dig up forgotten contacts and pursue them relentlessly so that they can collect all the data.

We don’t have the luxury of that time. A little handholding is always appreciated.

They have three simple theories –

  • Even if you are a novice you can follow their easy steps and make biggie of your small investments
  • They are not scammers because they love the sport and are passionate about it. Also, I have read enough reviews online to conclude that these guys don’t sound like frauds at all.
  • They will offer you straightforward method to hit the jackpot every time!
  • They are doing all those tricky background work for you and handing over the selection for you to place your bet on.
  • Even if you don’t have time, still you can place bets, with their assistance.
  • You can place bets from anywhere in this world, as long as you have an internet connection and a device to receive their instructions.

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How Does The Stable Guys work?

  • You have to sign up using your email ID.
  • The code only requires a one-time payment.
  • As soon as you sign up, they will mail you the day’s handpicked selection every morning.

See even if you are a complete horse racing neophyte, this service is not at all intimidating. Here the whole conversation is just about numbers.

This company has not come to make overnight profits and then dissolve into thin air. Horse racing will go on and their service will come forever handy in placing the bets.

As mentioned above, they just charge you once for the code. So you don’t have to get into any recurring payment system with them or even start a profit-sharing transactional relationship.

There is no cap on how much can you be making. They guarantee at least £90,000 every single year for their members while sporting an 83% strike rate!

Not only that…

In case you are not happy with their product you can avail their sixty days money back guarantee. They have a super smooth customer service that will help you with the entire process!


Final Opinion:

A successful horse race bettor once said that you don’t need any skill to bet on horses, but you need plenty of skill to be a winner most of the time.

Mickey and his mates have got the pulse of horse race betting i.e. the return on investment, quite accurately. And they are playing with low risks bet which means you start by understanding the nuances of the game. There is no pressure. Mini wins only make the way to maxi returns one day!

It’s very important to arm yourself with the right facts and statistics before you bet.

Till then you can get the hang of the things.

One irksome thing is that the help is only available online. And you will require a network access to send-receive their email with the day’s selection. But the best thing is that it can be accessed on your laptop, tablets, smartphones etc.

Another drawback, if any, has to do a little with the individual psyche of the ‘bettor’. If they are insistent on winning every day or see a large amount right in the first week, then it is improbable that this service will be able to placate them!

Betting skill boils down to how you manage your money! And The Stable guys will show you exactly that. With them, learn to select and bet for value – because that will make you an expert bettor.

Pay a keen attention and develop your own strategy as you keep an eye on the move of the masters.

One or two such races in a day can get you your dream holiday to a faraway exotic place!

So why are you waiting, buy The Stable Guys today?

Your Dream beach vacation

Learn how to maximize your profits with minimal risk from the Stable Guys; click this link to join their profit-producing program today!


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