Top Tennis Training Review: How Do The Very Best In Tennis Train?

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In order to make it in tennis training, you must be focused, hardworking, self-esteemed and open to learning more each day.

Since training has been offered by world’s top coaches and players, any player can successfully make it to the top by following the instructions given in the training.

Since there are many Tennis Academies, the need for quality training has been at its highest level. This in-turn has advantaged trainees in that they will receive optimum quality services during the course.

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It is a fact that no one wants to lose in any game. All parties, however weak, few or incapable they may seem to be, they all want to rank top! In this case, hard work becomes a compulsory thing for any determined person.

Hard work must be in effect to get top

Nevertheless, you may work hard to always get top, but without quality training, it may take forever before you can make it. You see, this is why even top training institutions are striving to offer better services every day. They want to remain right there at the top.

Most people don’t mind the amount they will be required to pay as long as they qualify for the training, they are ready to pay.

In fact, most of those best training tennis institutions are in the actual sense are very expensive. The fact that they have produced the best tennis players in the world keeps everyone willing to train with them.

This review will help us answer our first question:

Which are the best top training institutions in the world?

Well, tennis training institutions are very many. Nevertheless, not all of them are able to offer quality training. This, therefore, means that only but a few can give quality training.

Train with the top trainers

This review shows a list of some of the best training programs that you can buy. The first in the list is not the first in training in the world! I have picked just a few on the list.

I have listed only one institution in each country. Nevertheless, since the world is made up of many countries, I have opted to pick only ten countries.

• Rafa Nadal Academy-Spain

This Academy was launched in the year 2016 by Rafa Nadal. He, in conjunction with his team, is working at transforming their services every day.

• Mouratoglou Tennis Academy-France

The academy was initiated by Patrick Mouratoglou, who is the Serena Williams coach. Marcos Baghdatis and Grigor Dimitror are some of the players who have had the privilege to be trained by this coach.

Top Tennis Training

• Bob Brett / Fabio Lavazza Tennis Academy-Italy

Bob Brett and Fabio Larazza are international coaches well respected for their experience and vision in Tennis Development. They are the founder of this international institution.

• Schüttler Waske Tennis-University-Germany

Alexander Waske founded this University in 2010. It aims at bringing the best out of each player. It incorporates both training and medical services to all players.

• IMG Academy Bollettieri Tennis-USA

One of the most influential people in Tennis world, Nick Bollettieri, founded this Academy in 1970. It occupies more than 400 Acres of land and offers training to players from more than 75countries in the world.

Tennis training in progress

• Margaret Court Tennis Academy-Australia

The academy was founded in 2008 and offers training to all people irrespective of their ages and abilities.

• IOS Academy Amsterdam-Netherlands

The doors of this Academy opened in the year 2011. It was founded by Sven Groeneveld and Roland Laurense.

It offers a tailor-made program to fit every player’s needs.

• Good to Great Tennis Academy-Sweden

Magnus Norman, Nicklas Kulti, and Mikael Tillström are well known in the world for winning the Sweden, Davis Cup. They together founded this Academy which focuses on quality other than quantity.

• Justine Henin Academy-Belgium

Justine is a former world no. 1. She chose to set up her own Academy in 2007. The philosophy of the college states that performance should never be viewed as a final thing in itself.

• Bolton Tennis Academy-UK

The Academy has been founded by a number of professional coaches who are dedicated to producing players of all levels.

The list, however, is long and cannot be contained here. Nevertheless, we tend to see that there is something common in all these institutions: They have been founded by renowned coaches or world’s best tennis players. This portrays something common in all of them: quality training services are offered.

But how is it possible to be the best amongst the best?  Reviews show that tennis game is one amongst the best games in the world. While the way Tennis game is played remains the same, the rules governing the game are also universal; there must be a way of ranking top, right? How you train means everything.

The lessons may be the same in all of these and other top training institutions but the way training is done makes one or some of them outstanding. This is what makes trainers want to buy a certain training program.

Play like your trainer

How do the best in tennis train?

First, Tennis is a game that requires the players to use a lot of their physical strength. In this case, the joints and muscles are heavily worked. Therefore, every player has a role play to ensure that their bodies have enough strength to play well.

This protects the players from unnecessary injuries on their bodies and keeps them in the game for many years.

Major things a trainer must know:

  1. How to avoid the injuries in order to keep you safe
  2. How to adequately do a lot of warm-up before getting to the court
  3. And how to strengthen yourself in readiness of playing tennis game tennis
  4. How to cool down your body in the right way to avoid injuries through cooling it really fast

Let’s discuss the four “how” above to be able to understand how the best in tennis train.

Get to know what is essential and implement it

How to avoid the injuries

Most often than never, many tennis players will always get themselves to the clinic during summer. In fact, to be realistic, most of the tennis injuries are as a result of inadequate preparation before starting the game.

The main parts of the body that are prone to injury are:

  • Hips
  • Obliques
  • The back
  • Abdominals
  • Wrists
  • The shoulders
  • Elbows

This does not mean that other parts of the body are not prone to injury. No! Other body parts are also prone.

1. Through plyometric training, the players are able to adjust to abrupt movements during tennis play.

2. The players train on both high and low speeds to improve their cardiovascular fitness. This is to help the player’s body to adjust to any strains that may arise.

3. The trainers implement the use of resistance. This is to strengthen the entire body thus preventing it from injuries.

4. Players learn how to stretch the body regularly so as to help the body resist injury when they twist during playing. They are recommended to do this for at least two times each week.

5. Players learn how to jog and run so as to increase their response speed during the tennis game.

Do regular exercise to strengthen your body

How to adequately do a lot of warm-ups

Just like any other game, Tennis needs some warm up before starting up.


You see, your body will respond really fast when playing. This increases both your temperature and hearts beats. You, therefore, need to do some warm up to help your body increase the temperature and heart-beat gradually before getting into the actual move.

Also, you will be preparing your mind to drastically change focus from the normal day’s focus. Bearing in mind that your whole attention will now be to the ball, the mind must be part of the warming up!

Involve your whole body during warm-up, the whole body. The body quickly adjusts and you are able to play really well.

The fact that trainers teach warming up proves that it is very essential. It lowers or avoids chances of injuries.

For example, if your mind is still focusing on the day’s messes, you can be sure you will be unaware of the ball causing injury. You see, it is important to follow up your trainer’s instructions.

Do some warm up before starting up

How to strengthen your body

As earlier discussed, tennis playing involves all parts of the body. This, therefore, means that they are important. Again, they must be strong enough to respond effectively during the playing of the game.

Top trainers focus on ensuring that you should involve each and every part of your body in doing exercise. Some exercises aim to strengthen your hands, legs, shoulders and every other part. This may, therefore, compose of different types of exercises in order to engage the whole body.

Exercise on daily basis

How to cool down your body in the right way

Cooling down helps the body temperature to go down, the heart to resume to its normal rate and lowers muscles pains. Top trainers will always ask you to cool down for at least 20-40 minutes by lowering the back, bending your side and the like.


Focus, hard work, self-esteem and being open to learning more each day are the keys in order to make it in tennis training.

World’s top coaches and players have been offering training. Any player can successfully make it to the top by following the instructions will have the honor of this offer.

Since there are many Tennis Academies, the need for quality training has been at its highest level. This in-turn has advantaged trainees in that they will receive optimum quality services during the course.


Top Tennis Training is effective for anyone with an open mind, hard-working, committed and self-driven individual. Hard work will pay off during and after training. Implementing the instructions the right way will help a player.

Reviews show that most people prefer training from the top training institutions.  This raises the confidence of trainees who are training with them. Since tennis game is still one of the best game in the world, training on it is not a waste of time but a long-term investment that may never lead to regret.

Find out how the best in tennis train, and how you can maximize your skills – Click here to get your copy of Top Tennis Training to start!


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